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The EFT Training Center for Trauma & Abuse offers a unique training program focused on applying EFT  to the understanding and processing of trauma and abuse in the most natural and gentle way possible. 

Founded by Lori Lorenz, M.A., the Center offers both introductory and advanced trainings for working with trauma and abuse.  These trainings are designed for practitioners, support people and survivors.

At the heart of the Training Center curriculum is the understanding that trauma creates separation – from oneself and from others.  And the heart of resolving trauma means reconnection within oneself and with others.  Our trainings are not just theoretical, they are an experiential training for practitioners, support people and survivors in how to develop themselves so they can create a safe environment for reconnection.  We have found that the return from a traumatic separation from the sense of self requires first a reconnection with another.  That safe and accepting connection then creates a bridge for a trauma survivor to reconnect with themselves.  That is when the sense of self and connection with one’s own deep wisdom return.  This reconnection with oneself and one’s wisdom is the key to living a life of creative expression, love and freedom.

A central element in the trainings is “The Map to Freedom” which maps the overall journey from the trauma state to our natural state of engaged aliveness.  One of the most difficult parts of working with trauma is not knowing where we are in the process.  When we have a sense of what we’re working with, where we are in that journey, and what is needed at each phase, more patience and relaxation become possible.  This alone helps the recovery become more gentle and effective.

Through our trainings and the Map to Freedom  you will learn:

  • The phases of the journey from trauma to recovery
  • The science of what is happening in the nervous system during trauma and during recovery
  • Our natural protections against re-experiencing trauma which seem to block recovery
  • How to work with those natural protections gently and effectively
  • Trauma effects on health and the psyche
  • What is needed from practitioners and others during the process
  • What to expect at each phase of the journey to recovery
  • When different types of support are needed
  • How to recognize where you are in the process

The phases of the Map help both practitioners and clients know what is needed when and what to expect at each phase of the recovery process.   That knowledge alone supports practitioner and client in working together collaboratively and makes the recovery journey less frightening and more empowering.

The Training Center incorporates EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), one of the most gentle and effective techniques available, to help release stored trauma from the nervous system.  Though other techniques are also included in the trainings, EFT has proven to be the most empowering and integrating one we’ve found for the work of resolving trauma and is the primary technique we use.

In addition to EFT, gentle techniques for muscular release and understanding the damaging health effects of trauma are included in the trainings.  As humans, we are diverse and multi-leveled beings so it is important to include as many of these levels as we can in the healing journey.

We invite you to explore our site, partake of the videos and audios, and learn from the free webinars about our philosophy and techniques.  There is a wealth of information here.  We hope you enjoy it!


Lori Lorenz, M.A. with Chris Jolley, Practicum Program Member and Trauma Recovery Consultant

Lori Lorenz is a gentle visionary, and a dynamic healer and educator!..”. Read More

…Lori provides the satisfying combination of intellectual clarity, clinical expertise,…and the applied compassion of a master…Read More

The Map is the piece I’ve been waiting for!” M.N., Survivor. More on The Map

See Videos with Lori Lorenz, M.A.. Plus hear a student share more about our trainings.



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